As Punteks, we have a mission to follow up the sectoral technological news and provide high quality and service to our customers with our educated, professional and high-motivated team.

In order to realize this mission;

· We need to ensure that our customers are our most important value and we always have to provide the service, which is over their expectations to them.

· We always have to be the best.

· We have to be the leader in our sector and we need to enhance our processes to be sustainable on our leadership. We also have to be the role model for other companies.

·  “The quality of our products comes from the quality of our team.” This is our principle to prioritize the happiness of our team and improve the teamwork.

· We need to use our sources with maximum efficiency and always improve our productivity.

· We have to build long-term strength business relationship with our customers. We believe that we need to gain long term, sustainable and high profits rather than short terms low profits.

· Honesty, following the rules and professional ethics must be the tripod of our business.

· We have built our Quality Management System according to TS/ISO 16949:2009 - ISO 9001:2008 standards and principles. We always have to follow up our activities base on the methods, business plans and systems in our Quality Management System documents.