We have developed specific product named “Izogreen” in order to offer heat and acoustic solution for construction sector. Thanks to Izogreen’s Acoustic Test Results, Non-Flammability and human health friendly technology, we are able to offer long-life solutions for the sector.

  • Thanks to Izogreen’s superior heat and sound insulation abilities, it saves energy.
  • Can be used instead of phenolic felt.
  • Possible to be supplied in die cut parts.
  • Can be thermoformed.
  • Nonwoven Scrim, Two Side Adhesive and Film could be applicable on Izogreen
  • Izogreen is Flame Retardant.
  • Doesn’t have any negative effects on human health and doesn’t consist any carcinogenic particulars.
  • It’s not required to wear protective clothes while installing.
  • Heat conduction coefficient is: λ = 0,036 W/mK
  • Izogreen absorbs the sound waves thanks to its 3D infrastructure.
  • It’s durable to bacteria, acids, alkali, moisture and blight.
  • It consists minimum of 80% recycled textile fibers and it’s environment friendly.
  • Izogreen is a long-life material +50 years.